Selfuild & Improve 2014 Edition

We are featured in The SelfBuild & Improve Winter Edition 2014.

When Breda and Simon Cassidy decided to extend their Co. Kildare home, they had a fair idea of what they wanted – a large bright space where the whole family could spend time together.

We really needed an open plan area for kitchen, dining and living. Before the extension, we would have spent our evenings in separate rooms and now, we’re together in this beautiful, light-filled space” says Breda.

Breda and Simon’s four bedroom detached house is located in a housing estate in Co Kildare. They have two small children aged two and four years of age; the youngest was only one when construction began.

Once the idea of a new extension to the rear of the house took root, the next step in the process was to start thinking about what it would actually consist of. “We ended up going to an exhibition and looked through magazines to get a more defined idea” says Breda.

The physical location of the house also played a role in the design. “The back is south west facing so it gets lots of sunshine in the evening, which we wanted to maximise,” adds Simon.

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The key for us was that our architect gave us an idea of what he could produce upfront. We knew straight away we were going to get something stylish and modern that suited us, and we were confident we’d be happy working with him
— Simon Cassidy, pg 106
I found that architects were reluctant to put forward any initial ideas at all, but when we talked to Brian, he took the time to really listen to what we wanted and he understood why we were doing it.
Straight away he did a pencil drawing and said he’d come back with a few different ideas. Which he did; they were given three options that made the most of the available space and catered for their young family life
— Breda Cassidy, pg 106