The Home Concepts Ireland Book

The Home Concepts Book
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Collaborated with Pixel Brick 3D, Shoreline Press as one of 3 Architectural Practices in Ireland to design and publish The House Concepts book - The Home Concepts Book is designed for self-builders who are looking for a variety of ideas, designs and information on how to do it right, with style and in keeping with planning regulations. The book features over 60 designs from three Irish architects (based in Cavan, Galway & Donegal) all presented as high quality images, 3D floor plans and 360┬░ animations on the accompanying CD. Both inspiring and motivational, the Home Concepts Book also offers practical advice with sections on selecting a site, house design, landscape design and eco-technologies, and is a great guide at any stage of a self-build.

ISBN 095501450

The book can also be purchased  through the practice. A quick call to the office (01-2542045) and we will have it in that day's post.



which have been completed by MAD over the last few years featured in this book, each with their own unique features.